Starting a Methandrostenolone Cycle

methandrostenolone cycle results

Methandrostenolone is possibly the most powerful steroid that can be found on the bodybuilding steroid market today. As such, it is the perfect anabolic compound to kickstart the first bulking cycle for most men. Its a great kickstarted because you can experience rapid gains in terms of size and strength in just a few weeks.

Besides that, for long term users, methandrostenolone (Dianabol) will still provide great results, even if it has been used many times in the past. There is no way that you will become resistant to Dianabol.

Establishing Your Base

However, D-Bol should not be considered as a base of an anabolic steroid cycle because its is highly toxic. For this reason, methandrostenolone should be stacked with other steroid cpmpounds.

The good thing about DBOl is that it can be easily stacked with a number of other compounds. However, the most popular choice is to stack dianabol with testosterone, which is available in many forms. For example, some of the most popular esters are Testosterone-Cypionate, Testosterone-Enanthate or Testosterone-Propionate. Some bodybuilders also like to use Sustanon-250 as the base with a Dbol in a bulking cycle.

For most men on their first cycle, the testosterone and Dbol combination is all that they really need, to be honest. For other types of guys, there are a number of other additions that can be made, however this will happen when you have more experience and have a greather understanding of how your own body and biology reacts to the various chemical and steroid compounds.

After trying testosterone, many lifters like to run with Deca-Durabolin Winistrol. More experienced steroid users add one of the most powerful steroids Trenbolone to their cycle, however this should be used with caution, as injuries are common when cycling with it. After the first cycyle, these choices will be things to consider, but starting with Dbol is always a great place to begin, as the results will be staggering.

Dbol Cycle Duration

In general, it is common to see experienced users start a muscle building phase with Dbol as they get immediate strength and muscle gains. Doing this for six weeks is a very good idea, as the base steroids take longer to kick in, but will then take over.

In most cases, a Dianabol cycle will is just the beginning as it should not extend for more than 6 weeks. When you come off dianabol you can replace it with testosterone which will preserve the gains in the early part of of the cycle. The addition of testosterone will also continue to produce further gains but at a much slower and consistent rate compared to methandrostenolone.

After the initial six week cycle, you would keep going with other steroids, but the Dbol would stop. This type of cycle has been popular for over fifty years and for good reason – it produces great results. It should also be noted that D-bol can be used as a mid-season performance booster.

During this time of the season it is common that growth halts and something needs to change to shock the body into growth again. Here is where methandrostenolone can play a powerful role.

If you decide to use D-bol, then you need to take a break after the initial six weeks. This is very important to give your body recovery time.